Medical Publishing and Writing

We publish a wide variety of journals covering the major medical specialties in addition to a growing number of online products for doctors, and medical information tools for patients. Continuous product development ensures that our products and services are of constant relevance to the medical profession and non-medical community.Our core expertise lies in producing outstanding medical content, typically from the latest medical conferences. Our network of journalists around the world enables us to gather the very best information in clinical research and development. This content is distilled to provide tailored editorial to suit the target audience.

Medical Writing

Our experienced medical writers can attend key international meetings on your behalf (e.g. satellite symposia, interviews with key opinion leaders, oral sessions, press conferences). The outcomes would include the production of clinical articles for publishing on traditional print media or the new technologies including digital media.We have experience of medical sign off software such as ‘Zinc’ and we are able to fully reference and ‘job bag’ the project before it gets to the client. We have an extensive network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and guest editors who we can work with to enhance the project.The resulting editorial can be published on our own print and digital platforms as well as submitted to other journals for consideration.

Our Digital Titles

A list of some of our digital titles that reach Healthcare Professionals and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our titles cover Ireland, UK and Europe.

  • Diabetes.MED
  • Evidentia
  • European Doctor News
  • European Primary Health Care
  • Evidentia Dispatches
  • Haematology.MED
  • Health PR Zone
  • IMI Dispatches
  • Irish Cardiac Society
  • International Drug Reference
  • Irish Journal of Psychiatric Medicine
  • Medicines Management
  • Medicore Journal
  • Oncology and Haematology Review
  • Oncology.MED
  • Pain.MED
  • Pharma News Ireland
  • Primary Health Care
  • ProCaRe (Prostate Cancer Review)
  • Respiratory.MED
  • Transplant.MED
  • Urology Review
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Medical News for HCPs- at your fingertips:

IMI recently launched to provide high value medical news and medical content to Healthcare Professionals which they can access online, on their smartphone and on tablets or iPads.

This new medical news website features: access to CME/CPD modules, KOL videos, product information, coverage of International Medical conferences, clinical evidence, industry news and the International Drug Reference (IDR).