The International Drug Reference (IDR) was produced after extensive consultation with GPs, Hospital Consultants, Hospital and Community Pharmacists, and academia. The drug reference was designed to fill the obvious gaps in available drug directories and aimed to be a one stop shop drug reference for busy physicians at the point of prescribing.

The IDR was composed of monographs with information on dose, indication, pack size, price, drug interactions, and adverse drug reactions. The monographs also contained symbols and icons to highlight information on prescribing in pregnancy, breast feeding, liver and kidney disease, and drugs in sport.

Initially, the IDR was available as a printed reference that was updated and reprinted quarterly until 2010. At that time, the reference was made available in a web-based format which contained many user friendly features. The website allowed users to download chapters of favourite sections to smart phones and PDAs. Subscribers also received a monthly email highlighting new product approvals and clinical research. Institutions were able to customize the data based upon their own formularies.

Later, a mobile app called myMedicines was developed to help patients manage their medication and health information. The IDR was incorporated into the mobile app as an additional tool for patients to reference in consultation with their health care provider.

In 2016, the IDR ceased publication due to changes in internal business structure and lack of sufficient uptake in the market.