About International Medical Information (IMI) : Medical Publishing and Digital Marketing

International Medical Information (IMI) is a medical publishing and medical information company with the distinct advantage of drawing upon the varied experience of its staff who have analytical, strategic, medical, marketing, project management, digital marketing, multimedia and creative skills.


IMI publishes a wide variety of journals in Ireland, UK and Europe covering the major medical specialties in addition to a growing number of online products for doctors, and medical information tools for patients. Continuous product development ensures that our products and services are of constant relevance to the medical profession and non-medical community.

Our core expertise lies in producing outstanding medical content, typically from the latest International medical conferences. Our network and team of medical journalists around the world enables us to gather the very best information in clinical research and development. This content is distilled to provide tailored editorial to suit the target audience.

In January 2012 we published our last print journal and introduced three new digital platforms. Almost four thousand doctors in Ireland now regularly read one of our E-Journals, spending on average 21 minutes engaging with the titles. We are now a fully loaded digital agency providing Content, Access and Platforms (CAP) that our readers want to use and clients want to be part of.

We provide true digital solutions for our clients that not only engage the healthcare professional but add value to the experience. To satisfy the European Market we have recently launched European Doctor News to over 360,000 Health Care Professionals across 29 different countries in the EU.

In 2011 we were the first non-US agency to win an award at the prestigious E-Healthcare awards in the USA. If you want infinite innovation and superior solutions for your next campaign, contact us.